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Parking Lot Maintenance Services

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Periodic seal coating and maintenance are critical in protecting your asphalt investment. Not seal coating means your pavement becomes dry, brittle, and eventually cracks and erosion.
Seal coating gives your asphalt a crisp, attractive appearance and adds to the overall beauty of your property.
The Problem

Asphalt is an intricate combination of many chemicals composed in a structure that inherently allows for weather elements (such as rain), salts, and other substances to attack and break it down. As the asphalt molecules break down, much of the original benefits – including weatherproofing are lost.

Why chose to seal coat?

*Protect from sun & water exposure
*Prevent oxidation
*Resists oil & gas spills
*Prevents asphalt cracking
*Enhances pavement appearance & eases maintenance
*First defense against pavement deterioration

Pavement Maintenance Planning

For the professional facility or property manager, a progressive maintenance plan can greatly extend the longevity of parking surfaces, while improving the overall appearance of a commercial property. A well maintained parking area is a great first impression for visitors, customers, or potential buyers. 

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